The Whys and Wherefores of Indoor Cacti

Are you looking for the perfect plant to spruce up your rooms? An indoor cactus might be the right fit for you if you want something unusual and beautiful. These plants are relatively easy to care for and set your space apart from some of the more typical plant choices in your friends' homes. 

Here are our top tips for providing the perfect home for your cacti:

Get the Right Amount of Sunlight

The cactus plant originated in the desert, where harsh sunshine and heat are the norms. To make your home as hospitable for your cacti as possible, you will need to do your best to simulate this condition. 

Place it in sunlight, whether by an open window or on the patio for several hours a day. If you start to notice it turning brown or yellow, give it rest away from the sun's bright rays for a little while.

Don't Forget to Water It

Many people turn to cacti because they hear that they are low-maintenance, but they still need to be hydrated! Water your cactus approximately once per week when the soil is parched. If the ground is still holding moisture, wait longer to give your green friend a drink. 

About ¼ cup of water should be plenty to hydrate your cacti for the week.

Use the Right Dirt

You can't just plant your cactus in any old pot filled with dirt from your backyard. Cacti plants have unique requirements for soil and, more importantly, drainage. Your cacti will be happier if you purchase a bag of cactus soil, specially formulated for this unusual type of plant. 

Cactus soil has the consistency and drainage that your spiky friend needs with more sand and rocks than ordinary potting soil.

Handle with Care

Cactus owners often plant their cacti in pots with other plants such as succulents. Eventually, your cactus may outgrow its pot and its friends. This growth brings cacti owners to a major dilemma: how should they handle their plants if they have spikes all around? You can repot your cactus by using leather work gloves or a set of tongs. 

The best time to repot your cacti is during the spring, following some of these tips: 

  • Allow the plant to drain completely before moving it
  • Remove old dirt with a stick while preserving the roots
  • Replace the cactus in a slightly bigger pot with a layer of cactus soil in the bottom
  • Wait a few days after repotting to water 

With these tips in mind, your cacti will be able to successfully transplant to a bigger pot where they can grow and enhance your home.

Adding a Cactus to Your Home

A cactus can be a beautiful plant, particularly when you have various types in your home. Fortunately, they are also relatively easy to care for, even for beginners or those with black thumbs. 

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